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  • The Name
  • The Concept
  • 視野的開拓
  • 追求的夢想
  • Mulberry St.的起源
  • 品牌名稱的來源
  • 設計的理念

The Brand Name of Mulberry St.
Design for weaving a dream, not for responding to the market

StreetThe name of the brand, “Mulberry Street,” comes from a street located in Nolita, New York. When the famous Soho was gradually occupied by luxurious brands, independent designers began to move into the area around Mulberry Street. As the development of the early Soho, shining and clean shop windows began to emerge from the street’s old, messy neighborhood. Mulberry Street has now turned romantic under the charm of modernist and New York minimalist designers. The waste and ugly surrounding area has also obtained a strong personality with the decoration of post-modernist artists.

There are various kinds of small markets during the holidays in Mulberry Street with handmade designs coming from different ethnic groups, cultures, and styles. Although these artists have not yet been famous with their works, they have shown the passion and determination to design through their keen and sparkling eyes. Without the consideration for the acceptance of the market, they get to have more space in bringing their talents into full play. The displays of their works are as stunning as a star’s debut. In the past, Gary liked to use his holidays to have a little treasure hunt in the crowded Mulberry Street. Along with the paths of trekking in this magical sanctuary, Gary sensed the unique artistic phenomenon of New York City and grasped the definition of fashion from Mulberry Street. He then decided to name his brand “Mulberry St.” in the hope of sharing his passion in design with everyone.

The unlimited stylistic designs in Mulberry Street touched Gary deeply. One of the reasons that Gary named his brand Mulberry St. is to remind himself that he works for weaving dreams rather than conforming to the trends. It is the passion and love that pull one’s heartstrings: “If this piece of clothes can’t touch me, how can I convince my friends and customers?” said Gary with a gentle smile.

The Concept
Pain the city with Taipei’s unique urban culture

StreetBecause of the love for knitwear, Gary chose knitwear to be the start of his brand

“I have an intense feeling for knitwear. From the choice of yarn, the density of knitting, prewash, suture, to ironing, all the details affecting the finished products. For those who know about knitwear, sweaters have pores, they do breathe!” said Gary.

Gary recalled his first question asked to himself while the first time arriving in New York: “What’s the urban culture in Taipei?” Now, he’s got his answer:

    “Taipiei is a crowded city with multi-culture. You can immerse yourself in the bath of art and literature in Eslite bookstore, while entering into a night club to have a spree just across a street. Those who live in Taipei get to suit themselves in various situations in a short time. Every Saturday night, men and women walk out of the bar at dawn and move toward the bookstore. They do not have so much thirst for the knowledge but searching for a kind of peace after the relaxation of their daily pressure.” “The inspiration of my design originated from the mixture of Taipei’s cultural phenomenon and its wild, sexy appearance. There is a strong sense of contrast and asymmetry, while everything seems so gentle and harmonious at the same time.

StreetIn order to get close to the life of Taipei’s business women, Gary spent a long time watching how they live. The talks, lifestyles, and intimate interactions of the passengers in the street, his friends, and the women and couples on the MRT are all the sources to inspire him. They are also the basic elements of his design: to customize clothes for Taipei’s women. Meanwhile, Gary also combined his idea with New York’s minimalist elements. He tried to make his works look elegant rather than luxurious, in personality rather than just in the fashion trend. “Taipei is a city with the combination of multiple cultures. Our design is for the urban ladies to show themselves one day in different occasions. They can go with our clothes at work, at a banquet, a party or a family gathering. This kind of design is most suitable for the women living under the fast pace of Taipei’s urban life.” said Gary excitedly.

Gary loves neutral shades, especially black and gray. He is specialized in designing with the drapable quality of knitwear and using asymmetrical details to demonstrate Taipei’s women’s strong characteristics, an intense tendency being unsubmissive to the bonds of tradition. Gary also made a lot of effort on the tactile sensations and the qualities of his sweaters. He also adopts a different way of production in making his clothes. He uses knitting wool as his base with the making of plain weaving to endow his sweaters with elasticity and variability. His whole design is the mixture of New York’s minimalist concept and Taipei’s crowded but multiple lifestyles. He makes his works distinctive with his personal style, and all of his clothes come from Gary’s impression of the urban life in Taipei.

Now, let’s see the look of Taipei in his eyes!


Street Street

2006年春初,一位獨坐華航經濟艙的年輕人興奮地不停翻閱手中密密麻麻的筆記本。此刻是,他第一次出國,即將踏上前往美國的旅途,遠地沒有親友且語言不流暢的情況下,小夥子滿腦試著尋找心中疑惑的答案。紐約,她所散發的炫麗真的如Norah Jones用充滿爵士風格的嗓音唱出New York City—Such A Beautiful Disease嗎?紐約的浪漫是否如影集六人行所詮釋的令人憧憬?Gary,這位來自台灣的年輕小伙子即將展開與紐約相戀的旅程。


紐約的流行文化與藝術品味如同其多民族市民所呈現的多元化相似,從世界精品聚集的第五大道到蘇活區、從上西區經由上東區到達布魯克林區、從古根漢博物館到惠特尼博物館,再從Donna Karan到Rick Owens。這些風格迥異的流行文化,從不同設計師對紐約給予的創作靈感中窺見,紐約的美麗正因所有人對於城市的熱愛,使紐約因而更浪漫璀璨。

此時,浮現Gary腦中的念頭「台北的都會文化究竟是什麼?」這也是日後Gary在創立Mulberry St.時所要表達的意念!






Mulberry St.的起源



Gary踏入針織毛衣的設計,期許自己如同海綿般吸收所有的基礎與專業,從紗線的知識到組織的變化開始學習起,但在台灣日趨萎縮的針織環境進行創作,Gary也深切感受到針織產業在台灣的困境,不同於一般的成衣生產,針織服飾在設計與生產上複雜許多,針織機台都陸續轉移至中國或其它生產成本更低的國家,台灣現存的編織機大多是傳統舊式機台,能進行的變化不僅有限,也因機台老舊,編織上普遍有較多的瑕疵品;因此,Gary開始嘗試不同的設計與生產流程,利用結合針織與平織的非傳統方式,讓毛衣的生產可以突破編織機台的限制,讓設計毛衣有更大的空間,讓毛衣可以更活潑、更具揮灑的空間,這也成為Mulberry St.品牌的設計主軸。

Mulberry St. 品牌的名稱

StreetMulberry St.的品牌名稱是來自於紐約諾利塔區一條名為Mulberry Street的街道,在知名的蘇活區逐漸被國際精品品牌佔領下,原本的獨立或小眾型的設計師逐漸移入以Mulberry Street為中心的周遭區域,也如同早期的蘇活區,Mulberry Street從過往陳舊髒亂慢慢出現明亮乾淨的櫥窗,設計師們的現代主義與紐約風格的極簡主義,把Mulberry Street變得更浪漫,而原本的醜陋與荒涼則在後現代主義頹廢的裝飾下變得更有個性。

假日的Mulberry Street出現大大小小的市集,不同人種、文化及風格的手創品與設計品皆出現於此,雖然這些設計師尚無名氣,但從他們的眼神中可看出對設計的熱情與執著。由於,少了市場考量,在設計上有更大的揮灑空間,擺飾的作品如同初登台的明星令人驚艷;Gary總是利用假日時至熱鬧的Mulberry Street尋寶,感受紐約特有的文藝氣息,也因為對這條街展現出Gary對流行的定義,索性就把品牌名稱取為Mulberry St.,希望能夠把自己對於設計的熱情分享給大家。

無侷限的設計氛圍深深感動了Gary,定名為Mulberry St.的原因之一,就是希望能夠提醒自己設計是為了要編織自己的理想,而不是要符合市場的趨勢,在設計上注入熱情與夢想才能打動人心;「如果這件衣服都無法打動我,那要如何說服支持我的朋友與顧客」Gary面帶微笑得說著。